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Our Summary Scripts are updated every year to the current years content and contain everything that you need for an efficient and time-saving exam preparation. In all our Summary Script you will find a comprehensive summary of the theory with extensive examples as well as practice exercises and past exams with detailed solutions.


Our Learning Cards cover the complete exam relevant content. With these flashcards you can learn the most important definitions, concepts and formulas in a convenient way. With every physical learning card you purchase, you will get free access to the corresponding set in the Uniseminar iPhone and Android App.


In our Seminars the whole exam-relevant content is repeated. The most important concepts that you will need during your exam, are explained by experienced tutors. We will do a lot of pracitce exercises so that you understand how to approach different types of exercises and calculations.




Mobile Learning on your Smartphone

The Uniseminar Smartphone App

  • Available for iPhone and Android

  • Samples of every learning card set

  • Digital version to every purchased set

  • Your cards everywhere at any time

  • Convenient store access from everywhere

  • Free!

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